Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm thinking I should still be on vacation

Just got back from vacation wondering why I can't get a walk on role on "Days of our Lives"? All I'm asking for is one episode and they can even kill me off in the end, like in a warehouse explosion so they leave the door open for me to make a comeback. Sports broadcasters do this all the time. John Riggins, of Westwood One, was a regular on a soap (The Guiding Light). Craig Kilborn of ESPN fame (who did play-by-play for them) also appeared on a soap (The Bold and the Beautiful). Call me, I'm ready!!! Ok, so I have thought about this way too much...on to sports.

I spent a week down in Florida with my wife and son so I have a little catching up to do.

* My sister-in-law tried to convince me that the World Cup is exciting. Moreso that it is better than American Football (gasp!) She has watched many of the games, but I just can't get into it. Why invest an hour and a half of sports watching for one goal. ONE GOAL. I need scoring! Besides, I can't tolerate all the diving that goes on. A guy falls over a long blade of grass and gets removed on a stretcher. Didn't Jack Youngblood of the Rams play on a broken leg? These "football" guys won't play with a broken nail. Score one for American Football.

* I'm trying to get close to baseball again but it's hard. I used to be a huge fan when I was a kid. My grandfather (who was a prophet) told me baseball was boring and the only way he would watch is if they put land mines in the outfield (now that's a good reality show). I became disenchanted with the sport after the strike in 1994 and only in the last two years have I begun to pay attention again. I got upset last week when the all-star teams came out. Not so much about who's in and who's out but the ridiculous rule that every team has to represented. Is that a true all-star game? No. It's a game featuring the best player from each team and a few others. Why does each team need to be represented? Are we going to hurt the feelings of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays if they don't get a guy on the team? Give me the best 12-14 players and 10 pitchers and see what they got. I'm not even getting on my soap (opera) box about the winner getting home field in the World Series but can we seriously talk about getting these things changed.

* Speaking of the World Series, is our country that narcissist that we think we are the only country that has sports. Just because there is a team in Toronto does not make MLB a world league. Isn't that what the World Baseball Classic is find the true WORLD champion. I'm not just picking on baseball, the NBA does this too. The Miami Heat did not win the world championship, they won the LEAGUE championship. I think the Olympics proved that we are no longer superior in hoops. Again, having a team in Toronto a world does not make. Yes, throw the "well the best players in the world play here". Not really. How many of the guys on the Argentina team that won the Gold medal in Athens are in the NBA? The answer is three (as of the Athens Games) Manu Ginobili of the Spurs, Carlos Delfino of the Pistons, and Andres Nocioni of the Bulls. Two,who I'm guessing you didn't know before you read that, were non-factors on their respective teams.

* I'm so glad Shaq got the better of the Kobe-Shaq divorce. He guaranteed a championship in South Beach and a mere two years later brings one home. Can youuuuuu dig it?

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