Friday, July 14, 2006

All-Star Edition

Reflecting on the Major League Baseball All-Star game wondering what Fay Vincent is doing these days.

I tuned into Home Run Derby for all of 30 seconds only to realize I already know what is going to happen. If we already know they are going to hit home runs, where is the element of surprise? A friend of mine said he watched because he wanted to see how far the ball went. Hmmmm. I think I would watch for that only if they got more points the farther it went. Maybe that would have been better when all the players were still juicing.

I too will jump on the bandwagon of those in the media ripping Manny for not attending the All-Star game. The fans did vote him in after all. Bad knee or not, he should at least show up. Worst of all, he still gets a bonus check for making the team. If you don't show, you should not get paid for it. How many years has he stiffed the All-Star game? Sadly, Bud Selig will do nothing about this. Can you imagine what would happen if Peyton Manning or Shaq pulled something like this? Next year, let's just leave Manny off the All-Star ballot so MLB doesn't get embarrassed again.

I liked the All-Star batting practice jerseys on Monday night. Putting each league in one of the Pirates primary colors was genius. Just when I thought baseball had things going in the right direction...BAM...they botch it up.

Call me naive but I thought on Tuesday when the All-Star game was played that they actually might have All-Star jerseys. Nope. I don't care if they wear their own pants and cap, but can we please take Manny's All-Star check and buy each team jerseys? I can see Derek Jeter in pinstrips 11 and a half months out of the year. Just one night it would be cool for him to play in a jersey representing his league!

I guess everything wasn't all bad during the All-Star break. Ozzie Guillen didn't insult anybody...that we know of!

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