Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't neglect them!

As we are on the eve of another Buffalo Bandits playoff run which may result in their fifth championship since their inception in 1992, let's not insult them by saying it is not a major championship.

What makes them less "major" than the Bills or Sabres?

The Bandits sell out their home games as do the Bills, but the Bandits average more per game than the Sabres. If you response is, the Sabres play 41 home dates to the Bandits eight, I challenge you to find any eight home dates this year from the Sabres and I'm going to guess the Bandits still out-drew them.

The best players in the world compete in their league and with less teams, it is not watered down which makes trying to win a title even harder. You have multiple superstars on each team. There are no nights off.

They are not whiny millionaires, like some other pro athletes, isn't that even more reason to applaud them? The average guy only makes about $15,000 a season, if that. The all have other jobs. John Tavares is a school teacher when not playing. Pat McCready is a cop. These guys are protecting us and teaching our young while allowing us to enjoy their athletic talent at the same time.

They don't play for the money, they play because they love the game!

If that isn't major, then what is?