Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open Letter to Brett Favre

Dear Brett,

Please, for the love of god, leave us alone! Go away! Stop holding National Football League teams and fans hostage by your incessant need to be in the spotlight. It is time to hang it up!

I will be the first to admit, you WERE one of my all-time favorite players. You WERE must-see-TV. We couldn't get enough. Now, we've had it. Do you really think anyone is taking you seriously? Up until two years ago, everyone in America loved you. But, since then, you held a gun to our head all summer debating whether or not you should retire, un-retire, etc. (which by the way media folks, it only counts as retirement if you actually don't play. Saying you retire in March, but then show up to camp in July, when you played the final game of the previous season and play again in the first game of the next season, that is not coming out of retirement, most others call that an off-season...but I digress).

Let's be honest, the only reason the Jets wanted you was because my 4-year-old son is not as accurate throwing a spiral (but he will, colleges, watch out in 12 years!). I'm sure if Joe Namath was interested, they would have given him a tryout. Now, the Minnesota Vikings are just proving how pathetic they are at QB. They don't want you, they want the Brett Favre circa 1996, or even the Brett Favre of 2006. They already got turned down by Fran Tarkenton, Sean Salisbury, Randall Cunningham and Brad Johnson. I may be only half joking, I bet at least two of them got calls from the Vikes. All you are doing now is making yourself into a joke. Stop. Please! For your own good. You have already ruined what was once the legend of Brett Favre with last year's meltdown in the Meadowlands. Don't let us down again.

We know you can't give up the limelight, that's ok, we know it is not easy. We understand that, but as my good friend Kenny Rogers once sang, you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run.

Brett, please walk away because your former fans are running the other way!

Brendan McDaniels (and every other person in America without the last name of Favre)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Do you know these guys?

The best team in Western New York that you have probably never heard of is the Niagara County Community College baseball team. The Trailblazers, 32-7 overall, are ranked No. 8 in the latest National Junior College Athletic Association poll and are headed to the Region III Final Four after a thrilling 12-4 win over Jamestown Community College today. NCCC poised to make a run at the Region III title this weekend in Herkimer with a possible spot in the Junior College World Series, which would be the first in program history.

Why don't you know about them? Just two years ago, NCCC baseball was what the Washington Nationals are to Major League Baseball...an easy win if you bring your bats in gloves.

What difference does two years make? A coach named Matt Clingersmith. He has spearheaded the rapid turnaround in Sanborn by keeping local talent here and heading up to Canada to compliment the locals. NCCC, Clingersmith and his players are a perfect example that dedication and commitment can take you just as far as talent!