Monday, June 19, 2006

Here's What I'm Thinking-June 19,2006

Just sitting around wondering whatever happened to Maunte Bol...

* Since when is it OK to use Final Fourism's in other sports? In the last few weeks, I heard two cases that made me realize how big the "Big Dance" actually is. The Arena Football League was setting up their conference title games as the "Final Four". They even had a history of how each season's "Final Four" fared. Now, I worked for the Buffalo (now Columbus) Destroyers for two seasons and worked for the AFL during ArenaBowl XVI and never once heard the term "Final Four" used, more or less with full history and stats. Then, I was listening to Buffalo's all-sports station WGR (which I have also done work for) tout their latest installment of their Rookie contest (basically, they are going to hire a regular Joe to be an on-air commentator) to listen if the "Elite 8" can handle live radio. Then, I'm sure they will be paired down into the...well you get it.

* If the NBA Finals are supposed to tip-off at 9 p.m., why do we have to wait until 9:18 or so for the tip. For those who just want to watch the game and skip the pregame show, when they say the game is at 9, we should expect the game to start at 9 or within a few minutes after. Listening to the PA announcer nearly blow a vocal cord doing the starting lineup, doesn't really make for exciting TV. Just give us the anthem and tip-off. The PA announcer can pump up those in attendance, but it really doesn't translate when I'm on the couch. It's bad enough I can't stay awake to watch the whole game because I have to get up in the morning (whatever happened to catering to the East Coast viewers) but the extra 20 minutes only makes me wish I didn't have to wait to see the actual game.

* Interesting geography lesson for sports fans of my old town of Dallas. Depending on which league you follow, here is where Dallas lies in the country....
NFL- Cowboys are in (NFC) East
NBA- Mavericks play in the Southwest (Division)
NHL- Stars compete in the Pacific (Division)
MLB- Rangers swing in the West

* Congrats to my friend Kevin Casesse of the Rochester Rattlers. Kevin, a former Duke lacrosse player, was named Interim Head Coach for the Blue Devils. I know Kevin will straighten out the program and get the Dukie's back on track. He plans to recruit during the week and play for the Rattlers on the weekends. At 25, this is a huge responsibility and he is up for the task. The players already agreed to a new code of conduct,which they all had a hand in writing and the positive change has been immediate. His phone and email box are filled with recruits wanting to get back in the fold. Hopefully, the intensity and hard work he shows on the field will give his players and recruits a good starting point of the level of lacrosse he will expect as a coach. Just hope he remembers to get some sleep.