Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NFL Midseason Shuffle

I really didn't see this coming. The Miami Dolphins, who many national pundits picked to go to the Super Bowl, resemble the disaster that hit Buffalo two weeks ago (the Snowstorm, not the Bills-Lions game). I was just at a B.P.H.A. meeting (Believing the Preseason Hype anonymous) the other day about this.

Me: Hi everyone, my name is Brendan and I bought into the Dolphins preseason hype.

Crowd: Hi Brendan. (Murmurs of..yeah pick a number pal).

Me: I thought I wasn't going to be one of those guys that bought into what everyone was saying about the Dolphins....

Moderator: Go on.

Me: I mean, Daunte Culpepper was a solid QB in Minnesota and they did win 6 in row to end last season.

Moderator: Oh Brendan, the first step to recovery is admitting you bought the hype. Remember, the Dolphins beat 6 lousy teams at the end of last season including Oakland, Tennessee, and your equally lousy Bills. National pundits usually hop on each others bandwagons and don't know what they say.

Me: But, shouldn't those national guys be smarter than this.

Moderator: Seriously, what wrong with you man!!!! You know just as much as those guys. Deep down, you knew the Dolphins would be crappy. After all, your former coach, Mike Mularky is running the Dolphins offense. Besides, isn't there some kind of law that guys who live in the Buffalo area aren't allowed to say anything nice about Miami.

Me: You're right. I see the error of my ways. Where do I go from here?

Moderator: Use your own insight to do your predictions and please never pick the Dolphins for anything again. Who's next...number 17,987 are you here?