Thursday, July 20, 2006

I think I misquoted myself

Bloggin' wondering how you get misquoted in your own autobiography!

Terrell Owens published his second autobiography recently. Yes, I was shocked too to realize how someone who has done so little could have not one, but two autobiographies.

The beginning of the book states, "These are my own words". Apparently, the flap is over a piece in the book that references his comeback in the Super Bowl XXXIX as "heroic".

Just so T.O. and his handlers are clear, an autobiography is supposed to be by YOU and Owens then clarifies it further (in case we didn't know that it is written by him) that these are in fact his "own words".

Owens says that he did not say that. Because "it was one of the words that Jason used." Jason being Jason Rosehaus the "co-author" and brother of T.O's agent Drew Rosehaus. Terrell Owens' publicist denies that Owens was misquoted in his own autobiography.

So basically, T.O., Drew, Jason, and anyone else in the Owens camp are complete morons.

So what have we learned here kids. (1) That T.O. didn't proofread his own autobiography, (2) nepotism is alive in well, (3) only Owens is vain enough to milk more publicity out of a situation like this, and (4) we are a suckers (me mostly) for giving Owens more undeserved pub.

Here's hoping the first time he crosses the middle this year for the Cowboys that some Free Safety rings his bell and shuts him up.

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