Friday, September 09, 2011

Sports Shorts Sept. 9

Checking my (sports) shorts wondering whatever happened to Gary Hogeboom.

* Sunday is the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks and if the NFL has anything planned like they did 10 years ago when they returned to play on September 23 that season, get the tissues ready. I will never forget being in Cowboys Stadium for the Dallas-San Diego game and the true feeling of patriotism in the crowd. It was breathing taking watching George Teague run out of the tunnel with the American flag. The crowd erupted with emotion and it left me with goosebumps.

* The Colts should be more than a little concerned that Peyton Manning has gone in for another operation on his neck. Colts fans should be concerned the Colts have not yet shut him down for the season. I am as big of a Manning fan as they come, but I would much rather see him take the whole year off and get his health right. I think Kerry Collins will be able to keep the ship afloat this season and I hope Manning's personality and competitive drive allows him to heal fully without rushing his return.

* After the first week of the college football season, it is clear Notre Dame was overhyped (again). I do think Brian Kelly will get things right, but not this year. ND looked awful last week and lost to a South Florida team that looked equally awful. If South Florida even played a average game, they would have blown ND out fo the stadium. It does not get better this week playing a much improved Michigan team. Brady Hoke is the right man to get Michigan back to national prominence, especially with his star QB Denard Robinson. He is worth watching.

* I hope my fellow media types start the Robert Griffin III hype for Heisman right away. The Baylor QB is the best player in college football that no one knows about. Baylor beat up heavily favored TCU last week thanks to Griffin's 359 yards and five TD passes. For those who have seen him in person, think he is the fastest QB in college football history and with 41 careers TD passes vs. only 11 INTs, he is one of the most efficient. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

* Thanks to all of those who read my NFL preview and sent me reactions to it. I love hearing how people justify their team will be better than the rest. So far, I have heard each of the following are better Super Bowl predictions than mine: San Francisco, Miami, Detroit, Houston and Cleveland. I love the optimism this time of year. Thankfully, no one predicted the Toronto Argonauts.

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