Friday, September 23, 2011

Sports Shorts, Sept. 23

Checking my (sports) shorts wondering whatever happened to He Hate Me...

* A lot of college realignment has been in the news this week. One was a surprising jump and the other was a surprising non-jump. When I heard on Sunday that Syracuse and Pittsburgh were fleeing the Big East for the ACC, I hated it. Now, I am thinking otherwise. I grew up a Syracuse fan so the thought of them not playing Georgetown and St. John's was upsetting. But, when I look at the big picture, this is a great move. For football, Doug Marrone's bunch will have much better competition with Virginia Tech, Florida State and 'da U. Also, it gives football more exposure in the state of Florida, which is a huge recruiting area. For basketball, starting new rivalries with Duke and North Carolina is a definite upgrade. My only hope is somehow the 'cuse at least finds a way to keep the hated Hoyas on the schedule.

* It seemed earlier this week, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech seemed prime to ditch the Big XII for the Pac-12 (or Pac whatever it is). But, apparently, the Pac-12 never offered to add those schools and said it was not expanding. At least for now. I don't buy for a second that these four won't at some point move to the Pac-12, but it sounds like some behind the scenes things need to be hashed out. Oklahoma wants Texas to be reeled in from the monster the Longhorn Network has created so a lot of negotiating will happen either for Oklahoma to stay in the Big XII or jump to the Pac-12. This will happen, just not now.

* I am never a fan people losing their jobs, but the Dolphins Tony Sparano looks like he is one more loss away from being the first NFL casualty of 2011. Sunday's game vs. Cleveland is a must win seen as San Diego looms the week after. If Sparano starts the season 0-4, he probably won't be around to see game 5.

* So Manny Ramirez says he is willing to sit out the 100 game suspension he owes Major League Baseball to return to the league after being rejected by the Dominican Republic winter league. I find it hard to believe any team at this point is willing to put up with his nonsense to take a chance that he may have something left in the tank. Manny may want to talk Randy Moss to see how hard it is to find a team after people feel your attitude is not worth the headache.

* One of my favorite lacrosse events is returning in the Bowhunter Cup. The Bowhunter Cup is an international friendly between the United States Indoor Lacrosse National Team and the Iroquois Nationals. This year's event will move to the Turning Stone Casino in Oneida on Oct. 16 at 6 p.m. Turning Stone had a successful debut as a lacrosse venue at the National Lacrosse League All-Star game earlier this year. The Iroquois are 3-1 all-time vs. the U.S. with the Americans only win coming in a thrilling 13-11 win in the first Bowhunter Cup in Syracuse last year. The two teams will feature a host of players with Upstate New York roots so local bragging rights for the next year are on the line. For more information, visit:

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