Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fearless NFL Predictions

Last year, folks laughed at my prediction of a Colts v. Packers Super Bowl. I will concede my love of Peyton Manning is a bit overboard, but I hold firm that I did have the eventual Super Bowl winner in the game from early September. In 2011, for the first time since I got into the prediction business, this will be a pony free championship this year. Besides, Super Bowl XLVI is in Indianapolis and no team has ever played the Super Bowl on their home field. Sorry, Peyton. You’re still my boy though. Anyway, to help you along the way, here is how the National Football League should look in 2011.

New England 13-3
NY Jets 10-6
Buffalo 6-10
Miami 5-11

Analysis: As long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are in Foxboro, why predict anything else. I like the addition of Chad Ochocinco, look for him to have a huge year. The Jets will be right up there, but I am not so certain about their front seven on defense. Buffalo’s defense will not give up as many points as they did last year, now they just need the offense to score more. Miami will not go very far as long as Chad Henne is the QB. If someone is tossing the ball, they can be better.

Baltimore 12-4
Pittsburgh 10-6
Cleveland 6-10
Cincinnati 3-13

Analysis: This is generally the toughest division in the AFC. Baltimore got stronger at receiver with the addition of Lee Evans and I just have a feeling Ray Lewis is on a mission this year. Pittsburgh will fight for the division title, but Baltimore just looks all around better. Cleveland QB Colt McCoy is developing nicely but lacks receivers and Cincinnati is officially back to being the Bungles.

Indianapolis 11-5
Houston 10-6
Tennessee 7-9
Jacksonville 3-13

Analysis: With Peyton Manning’s health a question mark, Colts fans better hope Kerry Collins and his gray beard can keep the ship afloat. Houston is the fashionable pick every year to be on the rise, but they still never beat the Colts. The Titans have a new staff and new look, but will have some growing pains. Jacksonville took a huge step back releasing QB David Garrard.

San Diego 13-3
Kansas City 8-8
Oakland 6-10
Denver 5-11

Analysis: The Chargers look like they are finally ready to be a Super Bowl contender. I don’t think Norv Turner can jack it up this year. KC was a surprise playoff team last year. They will come back down to earth in 2011. As long as Al Davis continues to coach from his death bed, don’t expect much from the silver and black. Kyle Orton is the only bright spot for Denver and they don’t even want him. He may be gone by midseason.

Dallas 11-5
Philadelphia 10-6
NY Giants 9-7
Washington 8-8

Analysis: I am one of the few not drinking the kool-aid on Philadelphia. Michael Vick will be good, but not as good as last year. I like what Jason Garrett is doing in Dallas and with Tony Romo back under center, the East is there for the taking. The Giants will be fighting for a wildcard spot and even the Redskins may surprise some people.

Green Bay 14-2
Detroit 10-6
Minnesota 9-7
Chicago 6-10

Analysis: The Packers are clearly the best team in football. They got stronger simply by getting all of those injured guys from last year healthy. Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, I have the Lions winning 10 games. They have a good roster of young talent. Minnesota will be right up there as well with Donovan McNabb looking to show fans, last season was abnormal. Chicago’s defense is not as good as it was and Jay Cutler doesn’t have much to work with.

New Orleans 12-4
Atlanta 11-5
Tampa Bay 11-5
Carolina 3-13

Analysis: This is by far the most exciting division in the league. The Saints will put up points like they are playing Techmo Super Bowl. Atlanta’s Matt Ryan is stacked with weapons. Tampa Bay is the best young team in football. They would be a division winner in just about any other division. Cam Newton will bring excitement to Carolina, but he doesn’t have any help.

St. Louis 8-8
Seattle 7-9
San Francisco 7-9
Arizona 6-10

Analysis: The West will be a pillow fight to see who is the least crappy. No one in this division should be allowed into the playoffs. I wish Tampa Bay or Detroit could join the West for a season.

1- San Diego
2- New England
3- Baltimore
4- Indianapolis
5- Pittsburgh
6- Houston

1- Green Bay
2- New Orleans
3- Dallas
4- St. Louis
5- Atlanta
6- Detroit

Baltimore 20, San Diego 17

Green Bay 35, New Orleans 31

Green Bay 24, Baltimore 20

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