Friday, May 18, 2007

As Landis Turns

Just sitting here wondering whatever happened to Greg Lemond.

Well, he has turned up in the always bizarre Floyd Landis doping case. Yes, I too can't believe that cyclist actually try to cheat. Apparently, they didn't get the memo that they are riding bikes. What, next your going to tell me that Curlers use performance enhancing drugs....more 'roids, faster brooms?

Sorry, I got off topic. The Landis hearing took a chaotic twist Thursday when fellow American Tour de France champion Greg LeMond revealed he had been sexually abused as a child and claimed the Landis camp tried to use it as a threat to keep LeMond from testifying.

Landis then fired his manager, Will Geoghegan, when it came to light that he had made the call. He of course gave a half hearted apology the next day.

During his short, explosive bit of testimony, LeMond told of a conversation he had with Landis after news of Landis' positive "A" urine sample during his 2006 Tour victory had been leaked to the press.

LeMond urged Landis to come clean if, in fact, his backup "B" sample also came back tainted.

LeMond said he used the story of his being sexually abused when he was 6 as an example of how it's good to get things out in the open.

He said he told Landis that very few people knew that about him and then accused someone in the Landis camp of using that information Wednesday night to intimidate him from appearing as a witness.

LeMond described receiving a call that he said he later traced to the cell phone of Landis' manager, Will Geoghegan.

"He said, 'I'll be there tomorrow and we can talk about how we used to ...,'" LeMond said, finishing his sentence with a graphic sexual description. "I thought this was intimidation to keep me from coming here."

He said he was so distraught by the call that he filed a police report, which was presented as evidence by attorneys. LeMond showed his cell phone screen with a record of the number from which he received the call. The number matched that on Geoghegan's business card.

Why can't Floyd Landis just admit that he cheated, take his punishment like a man, then call Jason Giambi to find out how to rehabilitate your reputation after being caught cheating.

So what have we learned here today:

1- Floyd Landis is a dope...and a bad liar.
2- Floyd Landis' agent is a dope...and a really bad liar.
3- Greg LeMond should mind his own business.
4- Greg LeMond should not tell people stories he wants kept secret.
5- Someone still apparently cares about cycling.
6- I have yet again amazed myself to expound on a topic I know nothing about.

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