Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My indecisive blog...

Just sitting here with my blog wondering whatever happened to A.C. Cowlings. I saw a white Ford Bronco the other day and thought of A.C. slowly cruising down the LA freeway with you know who in the back. I'm sure the Ford family loves that association.

* Even days after LeBron's legendary Game 5 performance, it's hard to believe he is just 22 years old! With Detroit looking old and the prospect of the two best players in this year's draft heading out West, LeBron and company can become the next Eastern Dynasty.

* So Billy Donovan is the new head coach for the Orlando Magic...or is he? Shocking how you can sign a 27.7 million dollar contract then decide within hours that you really didn't want it after all. Now, the NBA is considering banning him from coaching an NBA team for 5 years. I think a lifetime ban is in order. Billy the kid is making Orlando look like a bunch of chumps, not to mention the U. of Florida for leaving to take Orlando's money. Sadly, Florida will welcome him back with open arms and Orlando will be left at the alter with all of their guests snickering under their collective breath about how they tried to overachieve and failed. If I was David Stern, I would tell Billy that he lost his opportunity to coach at the pro level and best of luck on being the mayor of Gainesville again.

* The NHL playoffs have been exciting but a couple of things have really put a damper on this great stretch. (1) The NHL needs to come up with actual rules when it comes to kicked in pucks. Why do they not count in the Buffalo-New York series but they do in the Ottawa-Anaheim series? Some things are black and white. Either they are all goals or not...then their is no need to waste time with reviews. Let the refs call the game on the ice. (2) Don Cherry said during the intermission of Game 4 that he blames the NHL and NBC for curbing fighting, and called it "a big mistake," adding, "Let's return to rock 'em, sock 'em hockey." He denounced the league and the network for thinking less fighting would increase U.S. viewing audiences. Cherry has to realize that American hockey fans are not like Canadian fans who remember the old school ways. With 24 of the 30 teams being in the U.S. and bringing in a lot more revenue to the league, the NHL should cater to the American fans. Cherry added that U.S. sports fans like violence and sited the NFL and NASCAR as examples. I don't watch NASCAR but I'm pretty sure even with all the physicality of pro football, there is almost zero fighting and it is the most popular sport around.

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