Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Checking my (Sports) Shorts

Bloggin', wondering whatever happened to Mitch Richmond. Remember Run TMC “back in the day” with the Golden State Warriors? T & C have been in the news recently. Chris Mullin (C) was just named as finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame and Tim Hardaway (T) well, we now know who he doesn’t like, but nothing from the M. The old saying is everything happens in three…so Mitch, you’re on the clock!

* While we are on the subject, Hardaway apologized again Sunday for his anti-gay remarks about former NBA player John Amaechi, telling a Miami television station that he "didn't mean" to say what he said in a South Florida radio interview last week. I have two problems with this. First, when Dan LeBartard, who did the interview, gave Hardaway an opportunity, to retract is statement, Hardaway went even further about how much he detested gays. Second, he is apologizing for what he said, not his way of thinking, which he will not change. That makes his apology meaningless.

* I still don’t get the fuss about NASCAR. Beside the fact that their “Super Bowl” and Opening Day are the same day, which I don’t understand, they are still just driving around making left hand turns. Don’t see what is exciting about that. I will give kudos to the driver who crossed the finish line at Daytona on Sunday on his hood. $50 says 40% of the people who have seen the video (me included) reacted like this, “Wow, thought that only happened in the movies.”

*Is 14 days too soon after the Super Bowl to think that I miss football? If it is, let me know what is a reasonable time and then I will tell you then that I miss football.

* Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks said the team nixed (get it?) his best idea for the Slam Dunk competition last weekend in Las Vegas. Robinson, the 2006 winner, wanted to leap over a pool table that had a Playboy Bunny sitting on it. Apparently, Robinson has practiced the dunk before. This brings up two questions, (1) is this why the Knicks are so crappy…worrying about Nate’s dunks and not about the actual games and (2) who do you think filled in for the Playboy Bunny in while he practiced.

* Major League Baseball players are beginning to report to Spring Training, which means we can officially eliminate the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from the playoff race.

* After watching 11 Top 25 teams lose this weekend, I can’t be more excited about March Madness. The NCAA Tournament provides more drama than General Hospital in a postseason that is truly anyone’s guess as to whom will be the last one standing. An early pick for this year’s George Mason…how about Virginia Commonwealth. They are out of the same league, the Colonial Athletic Association, and have a up and coming coach Anthony Grant. Grant was Billy Donavan's top aide at Florida. VCU has an RPI of 44 and could make some noise in the Big Dance.

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