Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sports Shorts-August 18, 2011

It's been a while, but we are back in style so let's get this new blog started.

Checking my (sports) shorts wondering whatever happened to Ozzie Canseco.

* This new, old scandal at "The U" will give us a good idea as to what the NCAA really is. Miami should get the death penalty. After all, what they have done in this current scandal along with everything over the last quarter century, clearly shows they have lacked any institutional or moral control for a long time. SMU was the only school ever to get the death penalty and what they did pales in comparison. If the NCAA only slaps them on the wrist, the NCAA will prove what we have all known for a long time, it is really not about student-athletes, it is all about the money.

* Can anyone explain why Jim Thome becoming the 8th player to hit 600 career home runs got almost no press, while the media drooled over Derek Jeter becoming the 28th player to get 3,000 hits? Oh yes, because Jeter is a Yankee and Thome is a Twin. I'm wonder how the stories would have played out if Thome was in the Bronx and Jeter was in the Midwest. If you take the 'roid boys out, Thome is in a much more elite class and should have got more recognition.

* In light of all the NBA players opting to sign overseas, I got a laugh when Delonte West tweeted he applied at The Home Depot. Don't for a second think West is being noble by taking a "joe" job. Take a look at his arrest record. I am sure he is not allowed out of the country (or within 25 miles of LeBron James family) so the Depot is probably his best option.

* I took my son and his friend to the Buffalo Bills training camp on Tuesday. It was odd to see the Bills in white helmets. I was always a big fan of the red helmets, but I am an even bigger fan of why they went to red helmets in the first place. If you don't know the story, check out this piece ( from Chris Brown on and the true story of how former QB Joe Ferguson was behind the switch.

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