Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baseball Fan Free Agency

Full disclosure, I have never been a huge baseball fan. Growing up I fell in love with the Toronto Blue Jays because I lived in Syracuse and that was their Tripe-A farm team. The back-to-back World Series titles were the pinnacle of my baseball fandom. Once Major League Baseball canceled the World Series in 1994, I was done. In the years since, I have been a casual observer. I have always keep up with the Blue Jays, but this time of year usually turns me off because they are always out of the American League pennant race (damn you Red Sox and Yankees). For this year, I have decided to do something new. I have now exercised my right as a fan free agent and will declare my allegiance to a team I want to follow for the playoff run. I hereby announce that the Milwaukee Brewers are my team for the rest of the 2011 season (Toronto, I will see you next April). Here are my top 5 reasons:

5- The Brew Crew is on pace to win the National League Central (up 10 games as of today) looking for their first divisional title since 1992. This would ensure a playoff spot so I can hopefully go well into October still interested in baseball.

4- Ryan Braun. He is a legit MVP candidate. He may be the most underrated player as both a hitter and fielder in the bigs.

3- Prince Fielder. Anyone who was able to smash a dinger out of Tiger Stadium as a kid (true story) is worth watching. Plus, he too is a front runner for MVP and he can absolutely crush the ball.

2- Nyjer Morgan. This dude is just downright hilarious. He is a must see post-game not matter what he did during the game. Never heard of him? You Tube his name, sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the personality. It’s all about Plushdamentals, kids.

1- I can faithfully drink to a team named after beer!

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