Thursday, March 08, 2012

Peyton Manning Survivor

Now that Peyton Manning has become a free agent it seems just about every fan base is hoping #18 signs with their team. Manning will only go to a team where he thinks he can win a Super Bowl and some teams just don’t make any sense. So, lets play Peyton Manning Survivor and breakdown what teams are left standing to be the lucky potential suitors for Manning’s services.

Eliminate any team that just released him:

Eliminate any team his brother plays for:
New York Giants

Eliminate any team that has a franchise QB:
Green Bay
New England
New Orleans
San Diego

Eliminate any team that thinks they have a franchise QB:
St. Louis
Tampa Bay

Eliminate any team that drafted a QB in the first round last season and gave a ton of cash to:

Eliminate any team that is pretty sure they have the answer at QB, but regardless signed him to a huge contract last season:

Eliminate any team that has two QBs they really don’t want, but gave up the farm to get both:

Eliminate any team that plays in the same city as Manning’s brother because he doesn’t want to upstage him:
New York Jets

Eliminate any team that is so dysfunctional, no intelligent person would actually try and make it work there:

Eliminate any team that signed a second chance QB who had one great season and is now an average QB they gave a ton of cash to:

Eliminate any team that their Executive VP is the franchise’s favorite son, hates his current QB, but can’t go after Manning because the fans will curse him because they love their QB more than their own children:

Eliminate any team that has a head coach that was traded away so his team could draft Peyton Manning in 1998:
San Francisco

Eliminate any team that is rolling the dice on trading up to draft Robert Griffin III:

Eliminate any team that has a GM and head coach that used to work for Bill Belichick:
Kansas City

Keep any team that doesn’t have a QB, doesn’t have a good QB, regrets signing a bad QB or has a group of marginal to crappy QBs:

So now our list is down to three teams. Lets take a closer look at each:

Miami Dolphins- According to just about everyone in Miami, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made it his mission to get #18 to South Beach. Miami has money to spend, a decent line, solid RB in Reggie Bush and a #1 WR in Brandon Marshall. The rest of the WR corps is above average with Davone Bess and Brian Hartline. Also, Anthony Fasano is one of the better TEs in the league. Their defense played very well in the second half of the season so the addition of Manning could make Miami and Manning think a Super Bowl is realistic. We should also mention Manning owns a condo in Miami.

Arizona Cardinals- Arizona was grossly disappointed in Kevin Kolb for many reasons. Head coach Ken Wisenhunt has no problem dumping a guy who has shown nothing in favor of a Hall of Fame caliber veteran QB (see: Warner, Kurt over Leinart, Matt). WR Larry Fitzgerald is a top three WR and is the main draw here along with the Cardinals playing in a dome. TE Todd Heap was once a top level player and could be rejuvenated with Manning. They don’t have much at RB as Beanie Wells has not lived up to expectations. They have some decent players on defense and play in a weak division.

Seattle Seahawks- This is a total dark horse team, but think about it. Pete Carroll is a players coach and will totally let Manning do whatever he chooses on the field. RB Marshawn Lynch is locked in for four years and WR Sidney Rice should be 100% come training camp. They also have a solid TE in Zach Miller. Plus, according to Sports Illustrated, Seattle has the checkbook already open.

Lets not forget their X-Factor in all of this. Manning is not a big fan of change so expect him to bring some friends with him. Reggie Wayne will more than likely sign with whomever Manning does. This is the spot where I tell you that Wayne went to college at Da U. Any of these three teams would be more than happy to add Manning’s favorite WR and maybe also C Jeff Saturday and possibly even WR Pierre Garcon. I know Garcon seems random, but don’t be surprised if Manning behind the scenes asks any potential suitor to bring in Garcon as well. Garcon was not franchised by Indianapolis and is a free agent. He may very well resign with the Colts, but why would he not entertain an offer from Manning to join him on his new team.

The question still remains, where will Manning sign.

Everyone else 10%
Seattle 15%
Arizona 25%
Miami 50%

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