Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 10 Things I Want From The Buffalo Bills

10. T.O.'s touchdown celebrations to be better than his reality show.
9. Trent Edwards to start looking like Joe Montana.
8. Lee Evans to have a 1,500 yard season and a Pro Bowl appearance.
7. Dick Jauron to show some kind of emotion on the sideline...even a fist pump will do.
6. Aaron Maybin to eat up QB's like it is 25 cent cheeseburger night at Fuddruckers.
5. To only see Rian Lindell on the field to kick after touchdowns, not because they can't score touchdowns.
4. To beat New England 96-3 on opening night as Tom Brady throws 5 picks leading his wife to think Leodis is not that bad of a name for their baby.
3. Leodis McKelvin to channel his inner Deion Sanders high stepping to the endzone for his NFL high 6 KO returns for touchdowns.
2. Any record other than 7-9..please and thank you.
1. Relevant football in January!

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