Thursday, February 28, 2008

Checking my shorts...

Bloggin', wondering whatever happened to Damon Bailey.

* ESPN announced Bobby Knight will be a new studio host for select college basketball shows around the network. I never thought this would be the General's cup of tea but I'm glad it is. You can never have enough analysts that shoot you straight. If he is half as entertaining as his press conferences were, we all are in for some fun! He will be college's version of Charles Barkley.

* I'm a bit surprised about all the "experts" that are dumping on Shaq and the Phoenix Suns. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think it was a good trade for them. What they lacked was leadership, championship experience, and some defense, all things that the Big Cactus brings to the valley of the sun. Yes, his numbers have not been great in the first few games but once he gets fully healthy in a few weeks, most will be eating their words. Shaq feeds off of these naysayers and will have a big impact on the playoffs when the pace slows down to his forte. He was great in Miami when many thought he was out of gas and, I, for one, am not counting him out.

* The FBI took up the Roger Clemens case, told by the Justice Department to investigate whether he lied when he testified to Congress he never took performance-enhancing drugs. This just in...HE LIED!!!! Did anyone really buy his sorry excuse of a testimony. He made himself look like a jackass. He blamed everyone but his mother for doing 'roids but of course had no idea that they were doing it. He even threw his own wife under the bus. Nice husband. He and Brian McNamee, who is also a bad liar, should rot in the same cell together. Clemens will get what he deserves for wasting everyone's time and taxpayer money with this nonsense.

* On that note, can our esteemed politicians take their noses out of sports and concentrate on the real problems that are facing this country. I honestly care more about why I'm still paying over $3 for a gallon for gas instead of whether Roger Clemens took steroids. Aren't we still fighting a war that President Bush declared victory on over four years ago? I appreciate them trying to clean up sports but seriously, when you get our boys out of Iraq and get me paying $1.50 at the pump, I will gladly watch you grill athletes about their drug use. By the way, thanks for taking time out of the Barry Bonds case to sign off on our extra tax refund that is coming in May.

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