Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wow! I can't believe it has been since June since I mused about sports on here. So much ground to cover. Let's get started....

* Is anyone as sick of the Patroits as I am? I really hope they win all of their regular season games then get thumped by the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs. yes, they are a good team...maybe the best ever...but let's turn the hype machine down a notch or two. They did almost blow a game to the Eagles with A.J. feely at QB.

* Here's a shocker, OJ is in trouble with the law again. Bigger shock, he pleaded not guilty. What would be worse, OJ beating this rap or him not beating this rap and going to jail NOT for killing his wife and another guy but for breaking into a hotel room to steal back crap he already owned?

* I'm going out on a limb here but I'm guessing Isiah Thomas can't wait for this year to be over...not that '08 will be better for him.

* Not to pat myself on the back, but many thought I was smoking something illegal when I predicted last December that the University at Buffalo would go 6-6 and make it to a bowl game. 2008 outcome: 5-7 overall and a share of the MAC East Division and a tie breaker from going to MAC title game.

* If you really want to read a great American journalist, read Fox Sports' jason Whitlock's column on the death of Sean Taylor. I wish more folks would speak the truth like him...>1=10637

* If the Packers and Cowboys play on the NFL Network, which most of America can't see, does the outcome count? I guess we are all blessed that we don't have to listen to Bryant Gumbel.

* Big TV news for me...well, wait a few more days and check my homepage for an announcement.

I'm off to go find out whatever happened to my cassette of the Chicago Bears Super Bowl shuffle.

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